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Mike Martino

I would highly recommend EML Mechanical for any HVAC needs. I have had issues with my HVAC since I moved in. Most of my issues stemmed from it not being installed properly and cheap materials being used. I was constantly calling companies for repairs due. It was bad enough that I had to call some one out 11 times one year just to keep the system going through a summer. I was paying a fortune just to keep the system running.

I was having bad air flow issues with the system to the point I needed a window AC in my bedroom. The original quote I got to fix it was very high. I contacted Eddie at EML for a second opinion he gave me a much fairer price then what i was originally given. When I contacted Eddie it was during a heat wave and being a new customer I did not think I would be able to get an appointment any time soon, I was wrong. Eddie fit me into his schedule with in a matter of days even though he was very busy.

On the day of my appointment they were there early and ready to go. They were extremely professional and got right to work. They found many issues with my system while they were working on it and they went above and beyond to fix every single one. They really did way more then they had too. By the time they were done you could feel the change through out my place. I no longer have to use a window AC in my bedroom, my HVAC does not have to run as often as it use to, and it cools down my place so much faster.

After they were done they stayed to check everything and make sure it was working properly before they left. The biggest part for me is Eddie was very honest with me, he did not jack up the price at all for any of the extra work he did. I payed what he originally quoted me there were not hidden fees or last minute charges. He was very responsive and easy to communicate with from the moment I contacted him. I will definitely continue to use him in the future and I highly recommend going through him for all your HVAC needs.

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